Dividend % Showing Up on Portfolios and ETFs

Didn’t see the announcement of adding the Dividend Yield % being adding at a Portfolio and individual ETF level. Thanks adding, great small change, here is to more features in the future.


@nven200 - Good spot…We’re running a little behind with the community posts on these. I’ll be posting some detail shortly

@tom.winterton Is the Dividends Tab, next to Investment Return new? If so (and even if it isn’t) love the charts, great feature showing innovation in how to present info back to your users.

@nven200 - Yes, good spot.

There have been a couple of improvements here with a Dividends tab both at portfolio level and ETF level (for distributing ETFs) - you should also be able to click through from these pages to the transactions themselves to see some more detail.

Glad to hear you like what we’ve done. There lots more in the pipeline over the next few months!! :slight_smile: