If a fund closes, what happens?

Hi folks,

I’m hoping to set up a savings plan, probably on a simple global index fund, and then forget about it. Maybe even delete the app, and just come back 5-10 years later.

But, in this scenario, what happens is a fund closes? Or something else major changes?

Will InvesEngine email me?

And what happens to my investment, does it just get punted into cash in my ISA and then I reinvest with another fund? What’s the mechanics?

Hi! If a fund that you invest in closes or becomes a subject of other corporate actions, the actual weight of the fund in your portfolio will go down to 0% and the value will be transferred to a different fund or paid out as cash. Please see our FAQ What are Corporate actions and Trading halts? – InvestEngine for more information on that.

But how will this be communicated to me?

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Hi, We’ll inform you of any updates regarding that via email

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