Instant bank transfer - Will the list of banks be updated at any point?

I can’t currently use the instant cash transfer feature on Invest Engine, as my bank isn’t listed on the available banks, so can never get past the first page when trying to add cash.

However, I use instant cash transfer regularly on my Freetrade GIA account and also had no issues using it with my previous ISA provider, so I know that my bank is supported by Truelayer as both of them use this.

It’s quite frustrating having to add funds manually through my bank account and the time delay that this then adds too.

Is this something that will be updated in a future update and is anybody else having similar issues?

Super annoying. Sorry about that @Shfle.

If you haven’t already could you let our know which Bank / Sort code you’re having issues with. Tell them to forward the message to me (Tom) and I’ll look into sorting this out.


Great, thanks Tom, much appreciated. I have already got a support email in for this from a few weeks ago but they’ve not been able to resolve my issue as of yet, so have just updated it with your message and the details requested. Thanks again