Misleading App, wrong click and funds disappear

I set up my account and followed instructions to do a manual transfer, transferred 20 000.00 GBP and received an email to say funds had been transferred.
The funds were shown in the total balance, but I could not add funds to my portfolio.
The app stated that the manual transfer hadn’t been completed, when it was obvious that it had and I thought that this “glitch” was what was preventing me from adding the funds to my ISAs, so I chose the option stating that I didn’t want to proceed with the manual transfer (because as far as I was concerned, the transfer was done and complete and I didnt’t want to complete another one).
Without any warning, the funds were removed from my balance and I’m now short of 20 000.00 quid! HELP!!!

Issue sorted itself out overnight…
I’ve had reassuring emails from the support team too…Thanks!