Website additions

Would it be possible to show how much money is invested with you and how many clients there are on the website like Hargreaves Lansdown? Or atleast make the figures known somewhere updated on a regular basis since I think this would be very interesting to look at.


I like this. AUM and users visibly growing is also assurance for potential clients doing research on possible providers.


Probably commercially sensitive info, certainly at this stage.


Definitely I would feel so much more assurance knowing the platform is growing.

Indicators that show progress being made would inspire confidence for existing customers and potential new customers alike.

Some things that probably can be shared without divulging sensitive info:

  • Features in the pipeline vs. features just released – As features get moved from the “in the pipeline” list to the “just released” list we know the platform is growing
  • ETFs newly added (in reverse chronological order) – I know you can gather that list from Twitter + blog posts + community posts etc., but that’s not quite as visible as an officially maintained, comprehensive list on the main website
  • Things being done / Ideas being considered behind the scenes – I don’t know what exactly these are because they’re, you know, behind the scenes. Some of these may have stemmed from community posts, like: can something be done for synthetic ETFs so that our Analytics pages are more meaningful? If something concrete is happening in these areas, perhaps they can “graduate” from community posts to the main website. That way, even potential new customers just browsing the main site can feel the progress.