Why do only some ETFs list Yield?

Possibly a daft Q, but why do some of the ETFs have a yield quoted, and others not?

Not all ETFs are distributing. Some are accumulating which means the dividends or the yield are automatically reinvested into the fund.

Most ETFs will have two versions. Eg, VUSA and VUAG. Both are Vanguard’s S&P500 tracker but VUSA distributes income where’s VUAG reinvests it.

If you compare both ETFs returns over a year you’ll see that VUAG slightly outperforms VUSA due to this. VUAG is up 11.64% and VUSA is up 9.97% at time of writing. This is because VUSA pays out a quarterly dividend but VUAG doesn’t.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Haha! Of course! I feel so dumb now! :joy:

FYI developers: On mobile, for some reason, sort by yield doesn’t work.


Thanks @CycloneRepair - We’ve spotted and a fix is being released shortly.

There’s also going to be a post with some detail on what we’ve released coving the above + the new dividend chart which went live yesterday.

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