Why is my dividend not deposited or showing on my account

Why is my dividend not deposited in my account Or Investengine general cash account like the app said it would.???

I only just noticed that i have been paid dividends over the months. There was no deposit to nominated bank account or platform account whyyyy???
And most of the dividend where actually reinvested!!!

I don’t know why i cant see the kind of portfolio I picked anywhere on the app wish isn’t too good but i think I picked an Income portfolio with dividend to be paid out so why is this happening. :man_facepalming:

It’s crazy that I’m not even notified that I’m paid dividends when i am. I’m was free today and decided to actually scrutinise my portfolio & why my other platforms have paid dividends and investengine has only to see dividends where paid but NO NOTIFICATION or ALERTS or DEPOSITS to show this why?? :angry:

And on the homepage of the portfolio where it says income paid, it doesn’t even show me i have been paid anything. This is quite annoying.


Hi @Lionel,

This doesn’t sound right. You’re the November income should have been add to your cash account in early December and you would have had a transaction to show this.

I’m aware of an issue affecting a small number of Income the portfolio with new cash accounts. The transaction wasn’t created and the income stayed within the income portfolio. It look like you’re might have been one of these portfolio. Apologies if this is a case, the issue was related to the timing of the launch of these cash accounts & the December payment.

@Lionel - Could you DM me your portfolio details and I’ll follow up with specifics on how we’re correcting your portfolio

How do i send you a DM.?? I can’t find that feature on here. Or should i just drop it here for you??
And what details do you want exactly??

Click on the person’s name you wish to contact. On the pop-up there’s a big rectangular button top right named “Message”. Click on it. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure the rest out from there onwards

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