Why is my dividend not deposited in my account

Why is my dividend not deposited in my account Or Investengine general cash account like the app said it would.???

I only just noticed that i have been paid dividends over the months. There was no deposit to nominated bank account or platform account whyyyy???
And most of the dividend where actually reinvested!!!

I don’t know why i cant see the kind of portfolio I picked anywhere on the app wish isn’t too good but i think I picked an Income portfolio with dividend to be paid out so why is this happening. :man_facepalming:

It’s crazy that I’m not even notified that I’m paid dividends when i am. I’m was free today and decided to actually scrutinise my portfolio & why my other platforms have paid dividends and investengine has only to see dividends where paid but NO NOTIFICATION or ALERTS or DEPOSITS to show this why?? :angry:

And on the homepage of the portfolio where it says income paid, it doesn’t even show me i have been paid anything. This is quite annoying.