ETF dividend dates

Hello All
Are all the ETF dividend payout dates the same
on IE?

If No then a indicator of when the payout of each ETF would
be very useful indeed, rather than scrolling through screens.

Something like
ETF Name
ETF Details
payout date is N day(s) away

Just a thought

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Hi there,

Please find some information below that should help answer your question.

Securities pay dividends at regular intervals determined by the issuer. It is usually monthly, quarterly, every 6 months or annually. The issuer reserves the right to determine the amount of the dividend, the amount can be Nill. The issuer also reserves the right to change the payment date. Because of the above, we are unable to add a reliable indicator for the days when you should be expecting a dividend, let alone for the amount that will be paid.

You also need to bear in mind what is the type of the ETF in question and what is your portfolio type.
ETFs can be distributing (Dist) or accumulating (Acc). Dist pays out dividends, Acc reinvests them. You can see which type an ETF is in our ETF selector (Please see the image below). You can also filter by Dist and Acc when searching through the ETFs on offer.

Secondly, your Portfolio can be of Income or Growth type. Income portfolios pay out all the dividends at the end of every month to your nominated bank account. Growth portfolios add it to the Portfolio’s cash balance which will then be reinvested if you use a Managed type or have AutoInvest ‘ON’ in a DIY type.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need anything else,

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