Transfer from personal to ISA

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I was just catching up on this thread and I think there’s an important clarification / point we need to make clear. HMRC rules do not allow (non cash) assets to be Transferred from a GIA personal account into an ISA. All new ISA subscriptions need to initially be cash.

ISA in-specie transfers in from other ISA providers is live and you can initiate via an electronic form on the app. (To be clear that’s Transfering ETF you already hold within an ISA somewhere else)

GIA in-specie transfers in i.e. a non-ISA with another provider to an InvestEngine GIA account, is very close (weeks). If you do have a larger holding you want to transfer please contact our customer support team (We maybe able to support this now, depending on the provider your transferring away from)

Note We’ll only be able to accept in-specie transfer in of ETFs we currently have live. If you have another GBP LSE listed ETF you want to transfers. Please contact our support channel to discuss.

I’ve previously posted about transfers out here:

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